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Employment Law

Employment law is the broad collection of federal and state laws, regulations, and court rulings that govern the employment relationship of employers and employees. It is a very complex body of law, encompassing expansive federal and state laws as well as very specific regulations.

Decades Of Experience With Employment Law

At Porter Law, we have more than 25 years of experience with a wide spectrum of employment and labor law matters. This depth and breadth of experience allows our team to provide meaningful counsel to individual employees who have suffered a variety of discriminatory or other adverse employment actions from their employers. In addition, we advise businesses on developing and implementing meaningful compliance programs and policies to prevent or minimize the risk of violations of employment law and the litigation that invariably follows.

A Wide-Ranging Employment Law Practice

We offer representation for a broad range of employment law matters, including:

Do You Have An Employment Law Claim?

For many individuals, knowing whether they have a valid claim is challenging. This is where we can help. We will discuss the facts of your case, explain the process of filing a claim, and explore potential options and possible outcomes. We can help you understand what you need to do to gather evidence that supports your claims and work to ensure that any deadlines are met. We understand that this process is not simple, but we have experience with a wide variety of employment law scenarios, so we can help work through every step of the process.

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