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Wage And Hour Claims

One of the most common types of complaints relates to the payment of wages. You are entitled to be paid the wages owed to you and to be paid on time.

At Porter Law, we have decades of experience working with the highly complex state and federal wage and hour laws and we can help you determine if your employer has violated your rights.

Why You Need An Attorney For A Wage And Hour Claim

If your employer violates wage and hour laws, even unintentionally, they can be subject to significant penalties. The wage and hour laws are very technical, however, which is why it is essential that you consult with an experienced attorney if you have questions about whether you were correctly paid. Below are a few examples of the types of wage and hour violations.

  • Failure to pay overtime
  • Failure to pay wages (which includes accrued but unused vacation) upon termination from employment
  • Failure to pay for meal breaks
  • Failure to pay earned commissions
  • Improper tip pooling

Tipped Employee?

If you are a service employee who receives tips as part of your compensation, you likely are paid less than the regular minimum wage. That is based on the assumption that, when your tips are added to your hourly wage, it will be equal to or more than the minimum wage. Otherwise, your employer must pay you the difference.

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